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Washington County Detention Center


Washington County Detention Center 

The first Washington Jail was completed in 1815.  The jail was located on Water Street between Poplar Street and Cherry Street in the city of Salem.  The jail held both criminals and debtors in separate areas.  The first jail was small and had no means of heat.  The criminal cells were reached by a trap door in the ceiling.  An expansion of this jail was done the following year, to allow for more light, heat, and the addition of the Jailer's living quarters.  

The second jail was built at the same location as the first, with more "modern" amenities.   The original jail was torn down at the completion of the second jail.  The second jail was in operation from 1844 to 1881.

Old Jail Poplar and main

The Third Jail was built at the corner of Main Street and Poplar Street.  This building still stands today. It is one of the many beautiful buildings in the area on the National Registry of Historic Buildings.  This jail served Washington County from 1881 to 1986, when the jail at the current location was completed.

Detention Center Plaque


The current Washington County Detention Center has been in operation since 1986.  An expansion was done on the facility in 2014, adding a modern tower feature and state-of-the-art surveillance capabilities.  The current jail has a 204 inmate capacity.

interior current jail

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