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How do I put money on an inmate's commissary?
Click Here: Commissary

How do I get someone evicted?
The Sheriff's Department provides a courtesy form for evictions.  This gives the tenant(s) notice that they will be evicted from the residence. This form is completed by the landlord and our process server will deliver the notice.  It gives the tenant(s) 15 days to respond.  If they do not move out in those 15 days, a formal eviction notice can be filed at the Washington County Clerk's Office.   After the 15 days no further action can be taken by the Sheriff's Department until a formal eviction notice from the courts is obtained.  The courtesy eviction notice is not required and you can begin the process directly with the Clerk's Office. 

For more information contact the clerk's office at (812) 883-5748 or email at

How do I get a copy of a Crash Report? 
You can contact the office staff at 812-883-5999 extension 2223.  For more information Click Here: Records

How do I get a gun permit?
To get a gun permit you must start the process online.  Once you complete the application, you will be able to choose a place to get your fingerprints taken.  The choices available will be listed on the website.  Once you have had your fingerprints taken and your file has been updated by that agency, bring your state ID and the form to prove you had your fingerprints taken to:

         If you live in the CITY of Salem: Salem Police Department, during normal business hours.
         If you live in the TOWN of Pekin: Pekin Town Hall, during normal business hours.
         If you live anywhere else in Washington County: Washington County Sheriff's Department.

For more information, click here: Indiana Gun Permits

How do I find out if I have a Warrant for my arrest?
The Washington County Sheriff's Department does not give warrant information over the phone.  If you are concerned you have a warrant you can contact the Washington County Superior or Circuit courts, or come to the Washington County Sheriff's Department with a form of identification.  You can also log in to MyCase and search your name for your court case information.

To access MyCase, click here: MyCase

How do I bond someone out of jail?
Contact the Washington County Detention Center at 812-883-5999 option 2.  They can advise you if the inmate has a bond or not, what the bond is, and how that bond can be paid.  There is a $5.00 processing fee for EACH CASE attached to that person.

     Cash Only Bonds:

           If you are paying a cash-only bond, you can:
          (1) Bring the bond amount with the additional fee(s) in the EXACT AMOUNT NEEDED.  We do not give change and we can not take more than the proposed amount for the court case. 
          (2) You can pay with credit or debit cards.  An additional service fee is added by the company used to process the credit card.  You will be told the exact amount of the transaction before the transaction is completed. 

     Cash/Surety Bonds:

          If the case allows for a cash/surety bond option, you will be given two amounts.  One amount is to be paid in EXACT CASH (with the additional $5 processing fee for each case) at the Washington County Sheriff's Department.  The other amount will be assigned by the court that allows payment through a bail bond company.  (Approved bail companies can be accessed here: Bonding Companies.) Only bonding companies listed as approved by the Washington County Court System can be used.  You will come to the Sheriff's Department and meet with the bonding company who will also come to the department.  At that time you will pay the amount due for the cash bond to the Sheriff's Department and also pay the bail bond company for the surety bond.  For more information about this process, contact the jail.

     Cash/Property Bonds:

          If you choose to use the Cash/Property bond option, you must contact the Sheriff directly.  No property can be used as bond unless approved by the Sheriff.

I have purchased a new vehicle.  How do I get the vehicle identification number (VIN)  form completed by an officer?
Contact the Sheriff's Department and an officer will be sent to your location to complete the form.  VIN checks are only completed within the county.  You can also bring the vehicle to the Sheriff's Department to have the VIN checked by an officer.  Keep in mind, VIN checks are completed when an officer is available.  Emergency calls and calls for service take precedence over VIN checks.

I want to burn some brush.  What do I need to do?
Contact the Sheriff's Department Dispatch Center, 812-883-5999 option 1, and let them know when and where you will be having a controlled burn.  It will be logged with your information and telephone number.  Be sure you have the burn area safely away from any structures and that you have a water source available.  If the burn gets out of control, dial 9-1-1.

How do I get a protection order against someone?
You can get a protection order by filing for one at the office of the Washington County Clerk of Courts.   The Sheriff's Department DOES NOT issue protection orders.

How do I file charges against someone?
If the charges stem from a criminal matter, you can contact the Sheriff's Department and have an officer make contact with you.  The deputy will explain all your options to you and file a report if needed.

If you would like to file civil charges against someone (such as being owed money, a property dispute, etc) contact the Courts to file a civil case.

If you do not know whether your situation is criminal or civil, contact the Sheriff's Department.

I got a protection order in court.  That protection order is enforceable immediately, right?
No.  A protection order must be served to the other person before it is enforceable.  Once a protection order is approved by the court, and if the party lives or works in Washington County, it is given to the Washington County process server to be served.  If that person does not live or work in Washington County, the paperwork will be sent to the appropriate Sheriff's Department where they live to be served, and returned to the court.  

Can I get a message to an inmate?
Some inmates can send and receive messages while in jail using a texting device provided, depending on their incarceration level at the time.  If you have an emergency situation,  you can contact the jail staff at 812-883-5999 option 2.   The jail staff will make the determination about the urgency of the message.




Crime Tip Hotline 812-883-6566or via Email